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Land: Bulgarien
Titel: 1st prise ''Trophee Jean-Charles Hachet'' Grand Prix Europeen d'Art Contemporain 2017, Paris
E-Mail: anastasiaandreeva@gmail.com


In my art I like the game of contrasts between materials and different processing of glass techniques, each of which gives a different impression of the material. Combination between casting and free blowing allow me to have a precise shape and freedom of movements in one object. In part of my PhD work i make a research about the possibilities of combinations between hot glass and steel in hot glass techniques and I use these discovers in my art.  To make the impossible possible, and not compatible compatible. The combination of glass and metal in my work is the subject of spatial decision and the comparison between contrasting structures. Both materials complement each other and create common artistic volume. Glass is a medium that brings exceptional variety of means of expression and suggestions in contemporary art. Regardless of the state in which it is attached to form incredible internal charge and beauty, and for the artist remains a challenge to find a way she spoke his language.